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3 min readNov 17, 2022


Poetic Prose describes poetic writing. You may use poetry to enhance your writing if you grasp how it works. Here are some ways for writing more poetically, whether you’re trying to make an essay more free-flowing or inject poetry into a short story.
A guide to better writing

The Power of Poetry changes a year after creation. We expand, but also reduce the number of works accepted for publication. The new rules apply from 18 November 2022

If you are interested in publishing, please read our rules carefully.

In the last month we have published more than 700 poems. Thanks to all the talented poets who trusted us.

Poems may be a great way to connect with our feelings and inner self.
Defining our “true self” might be a challenge. Some people believe in the soul or spirit inside them, while others consider their innermost thoughts and emotions to be the essence of who they are. Poetry, however, has universal support for its ability to delve into this aspect of the human experience.

That’s why we are expanding our publication to include works containing a poetic element, whether prose or another literary form. Stories about poetry and the artists who write it are welcome, as well as articles about the history of poetry, the craft of writing, and other topics that can help others who want to write better.

Poetic prose is a collective term for various texts that can be read as prose but have distinctive features that make them look and sound like poetry. We describe it in detail in this article HERE

The Poetic Prose trope is used to describe writing that has a certain poetic quality.